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Rules for the Saturday Night Fever 2015 Tournament

  1. 12 teams will take part in the tournament.
  2. The tournament will be played in an "open" formula, which means that assigning a player to morethan one team is allowed. Teams must be assembled before the tournament. A player who will be playing for more than one team will declare this fact prior to the beginning of the tournament.
  3. Games will be arranged in two group-phases. First phase will determine the arrangement of teams into the second phase, where teams will compete for places 1-6 and 7-12 respectively. Both phases will be played as single-round-robin competitions. In the first phase, three groups of four teams will be arranged. The arrangement of teams into groups will be conducted by draw from two pre-arranged groups which were sorted by expected team strength. To each first phase group, two teams from each pre-arranged group will be drawn. During the draw a number will be assigned to each drawn team, to fix the teams position in a group and thus in the match ladder. Assigning of numbers will be also conducted by draw. The ladder includes a side of the pool from which the team will play (shallow/ deep end). There will be no switching ends of pool during the game.
  4. Basic information regarding the matches:
    - number of players in a team - unlimited (10 should be chosen to play each game),
    - match duration - 8 minutes in the I group-phase 10 minutes in the II group-phase
    - time to reassemble on the pool's wall after a goal - 30 seconds
    - number of substitutions during the game - unlimited, subbing allowed in the subbing-zone only
    from the pool's end to the metal pillar on its long side.
    - match points awarded in the group-phases - victory - 2 pt, tie - 1 pt, loss - 0 pt.
    Tie-breaking criteria in a group phase are as follows: amount of match points, the result of the match between the two, balance of goals, in phase II - place on which the teams have finished phase I (for teams which competed in the same group in phase I), coin toss. Upon a walkover a team will be given 4 negative goals (will loose 4 goals from its balance).
  5. Break between matches will be the longer period from following: 2 minutes or the time the referees need to get ready in the water. No time-out for the teams will be allowed.
  6.  Should the team fail to be on time in water for its match, the game will start as scheduled. The team which will be present in water will start playing to an empty goal or against an incomplete opposite team. If the playing to an empty goal will take place, and by the time the attacking team will be back at their pool end the opponent will be ready, the game will continue on standard terms. Should the other team not arrive in water after the playing team won its 1st goal and came back to the wall, the absent team will then loose by walkover.
  7. Should both teams fail to show in water on time, the match will be rescheduled by 2 minutes. After that time if no team would show, both teams will be classified as losers by walkover.
  8. Teams and individual players will be given awards for the following achievements:
    • I place
    • II place
    • III place
    • Best scorer among women
    • Best scorer among men
  9. Matches will be played and refereed according to CMAS rules for UWH. In-water refereeing will be provided by one permanent referee and two referees delegated by teams which have finished the previous match. Teams showing for the upcoming match should have already made a choice of their referee for the next match as to provide him as soon as possible.
  10. All dispute during the game will be settled by pool-side referee, who has the decisive power.
  11. All matters regarding the organisation of the tournament will be settled by the members of the Baltic Seals UWH Club board who have decisive power.
  12. All participants must follow the pool's regulations.



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